Treatment of Multiple Hairs In One Follicle On Scalp and Armpit

Multiple hairs in one follicle or two hairs one follicle are a very rare disorder but it is reported in both men and women. The compound hair follicles are the hair problems in which you may have multiple hair strands emerge out of single hair follicle. The condition that is multiple hairs popping out of a single hair follicle similar to two flower branches emerging out from one vase. In this article, we will discuss its causes and the different ways that how can we deal with it.

Multiple Hairs in One Follicle: Causes

However, this hair problem is quite rare, not because people don’t have this issue but because they don’t even bother it. Women have this hair problem on the armpits and legs while men have this hair condition normally on the face. This condition is also reported in children usually on the scalp. The main cause of Multiple Hairs in One Follicle is genetics while some people supposed that this hair condition is due to shaving. But it is not true and this problem is not related to shaving.

Multiple Hairs in One Follicle: Treatments

However, this is possible to get rid of this problem as it occurs genetically. There is no permanent treatment of this hair problem despite advanced medical technology as it is usually due to genetics. But here we will discuss some solution that may help you to deal with this condition in a better way.

Plucking Hairs:

Plucking is the primary solution to get away from this condition instantly. It is also considered as a common remedy for this hair condition. The reason is that when you plucked out the hair follicle, it destroys the follicle base that becomes the reason for the minimum growth of hair strands.


Shaving is the immediate but temporary solution to get away from this hair problem. Shaving does not clear out the deep layer of hair. It doesn’t destroy the deep growth of hair strands. So, you can adopt this method to get rid of this hair condition temporarily.

Laser Treatment:

Laser treatment will help you to get rid of this condition permanently. All you need to require five to 10 laser session for the permanent hair removal. But the bad thing is that it is very painful. So some people go for other method called Cryosurgery to get away this problem permanently.


Electrolysis is a little pricey and treats this condition by chemicals and heat energy. Actually, the hair follicles fall asleep by this treatment. If you have this hair condition all over your body then it would be more expensive.


Cryosurgery is not a painful treatment like laser treatment for this hair condition. So many people go for cryosurgery as your skin is being frozen to remove the multiple hair follicles.


We have discussed all the causes and treatment to get rid of this Multiple Hairs in One Follicle on the face, armpit or other areas. We hope this article will be helpful for you to get away from this hair problem.

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