Three Ways Women Can Enjoy Skiing More

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There’s just something incredibly exhilarating about hitting the slopes. There’s the adrenaline rush and thrill of going downhill at, what feels like, nearly breakneck speeds. Then there’s the exciting anticipation of being on a ski lift and watching all the skiers enjoying themselves, knowing that you’ll be joining their ranks soon enough. The cool gear is not something to sneeze at either!

It’s no wonder then that more and more people—women, in particular—are getting into it. Some resorts even hold events like Ladies’ Nights were ski classes are taught by seasoned female teachers and coaches. Julie Brown, managing editor for ski magazine, Powder, says skiing is empowering and that more women should be encouraged to ski. If you’ve been thinking about getting into skiing, but have always felt intimidated, we’ve got you covered.

Take Lessons From Professionals

Is your boyfriend an avid skier and says he can teach you how to ski? Does your husband constantly offer to give you lessons when you go to a ski resort? Save yourself the headache (and possible relationship problems!) by taking lessons from professionals instead. As previously stated, there are also plenty of resorts that offer women-led classes so you’ll feel even more comfortable taking the lessons.

If you’re thinking the lessons might not be worth it because you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy skiing or if you’re not comfortable about your ski level, we would argue that that is precisely why you should take lessons. Sure, you’ll save on money by having your significant other teach you how to ski but the risk of that not working far outweigh its advantages. A professional would be able to better assess your ability and could tailor the classes based on what those are. They would know to help you go through the basics and have you on the practice slopes before you can advance further.

Invest in the Right Equipment

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Just as a golfer would need the right golf clubs and a tennis player the perfect racket, so should you have the proper equipment to go skiing. The equipment you need for skiing doesn’t just mean you need a pair of skis or a snowboard either. You would need layers of clothes and winter wear, goggles, snow pants, gloves, and a helmet. The skis and snowboard themselves can be rented for your initial lesson but believe us when we say that once you’ve been bitten by the skiing bug, the next thing you know you’re at a ski shop, purchasing your first ever Giro women’s ski helmet. Investing in the right equipment now ensures that you’ll be enjoying the sport for a very long time and that you’ll be doing it in style.

Find a Ski Resort with Heavy Snowfall

Snowfall can vary year to year, so some resorts use artificial snow when ski season starts. Make sure the resort you’re going to has real snow and go at a time when the snowfall is expected to be at its heaviest. Freshly fallen snow is easier to learn on and navigate since it provides a slower run. Also, when (not if) you crash, natural snow is a lot softer to land on than artificial snow.

One final tip we have to offer is this: bring a girlfriend. Even better, make it a girls’ day out. As with most activities in life, doing it with your dearest and closest friends make it a lot more fun to do.

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