Team Building Matters: How to Do It Right

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High performing teams are cohesive and collaborative groups who know how to support each other while working toward a goal. But you do not get high performing teams by putting together high performing individuals. Teams are built on a willingness to cooperate and a desire to contribute to the company’s success over individual acclaim.

Sadly, many managers give the job of organizing team-building activities to their juniors without clear directions. This is because they have yet to see the value of these activities. This is most likely because the sort of activities the company has undertaken thus far are not conducive to its employees. Any activity will not suffice. Choosing the right activity will bring out the desired outcome.

Why Team-building Matters

The right team-building activity can unite a disparate group of employees and make them into a working team.

This has many benefits for a company. Employees will be motivated to work better because they want to support each other. They will enjoy being in the workspace more because they like their colleagues, which will lead to an increase in productivity and overall quality of work.

The type of trust and respect that a good team-building activity will engender among your employees or colleagues will lead to a work environment that encourages collaboration.

Employees who work as a team will always put the good of the company at a high level and work together while supporting each other to achieve company-specific goals.

Choose the Right Activities

It can be tempting to reserve an escape room and take turns going in to solve puzzles with your work buddy. This is not a real team-building. You are not breaking barriers and facilitating conversations and understanding.

Also, in that situation, you would stick to the friends you already have within the company. There is no opportunity to get to know each other better.

Choose activities that will generate shared experiences among your colleagues. This will make it easier for people to communicate and connect personally, making it easier for them to overcome any barriers in asking for help or requesting collaboration on projects.

Numerous activities can generate this spirit of togetherness. Go with something inventive such as taking a woodworking course or something unique such as taking one of the Zion Park tours.

Build a Company Culture

The new generation of employees places high regard on the company culture. They want to know that it will be a conducive place for growth and learning.

Employees need to feel proud of their company and its accomplishments to develop a self-motivated desire to contribute to those accomplishments. When companies encourage team spirit and a fun work environment, employees enjoy being at work.

Building a lighthearted and supportive company culture starts with creating a motivated and engaged team from your employees.

Use team-building to show appreciation for employees and colleagues in a way that makes them feel they directly contribute to the work environment. Focus on activities that encourage the qualities you want to see in the workspace, such as initiative and collaboration

The company culture will grow organically from having happy, focused, and engaged employees who get along well and support each other.

Overcome Disconnects at Different Levels

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A crisis can happen at work without warning, and your employees need to know how to deal with it or who to call to fix the issue. If there is any disconnect between your employees, this crisis could spiral out of hand.

Middle management might not be connecting well enough to subordinates, and the senior management might not know how to communicate well with their staff. This will create unnecessary disruption and can affect the quality of work the staff produces.

Effective team-building exercises can help overcome these barriers. Employees must see managers as colleagues. That they are there to help and facilitate smooth workflow. Breaking down these barriers will allow different levels of the company to communicate better and more effectively.

Improving these work relationships will also allow staff to improve their business relationships with clients. This will help clients feel more confident in your company’s work and improve their business perception.

Employees who feel valued will make clients feel more valued, which is a considerable asset to any business. Focus future team-building activities with this information in mind, and you will see significant improvements in your workspace. A good team of employees is a high performing team with good morale and dedication to their work and company.

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