Smart Tech in the Workplace: Making Your Brand Look Good


If you talk about branding, you really can’t list the biggest brands on the planet without mentioning Apple. Yes, Steve Job’s company is considered by many pundits as the biggest brand in existence today. And we all can see why. Brand power has never been this good. Think of the drawing power each Apple iPhone iteration does to people. It’s like a magnet. People line up for hours and spend what many would say is instead an exorbitant amount when a new-launched iPhone is up for grabs.

Of course, it’s all about the consumer experience. Apple does not leave its product launches to chance. The Cupertino-based company plans every detail months, even years ahead, to make the customers on their toes. And the results say it all. There’s no denying learning a thing or two from Apple is wise. But if there’s one nugget of wisdom that we should factor in our marketing, it’s all about customer experience.

The good news is an innovative technology in the workplace can help you move the needle regarding your branding. Making the most of smart tech is a surefire way to get the positive attention you need. Here’s how.

Better Appeal

No doubt, your office attracts customers like no other. It’s the heart of your brand. So, a modern, aesthetically clean office shows everyone that your company is as efficient and effective as it can be.

Your premises should therefore look good. A well-kept facade and landscape can set the tone of your office in this regard. It’s why commercial lawn maintenance is as spot-on as can be. By keeping your front lawn and gardens well-kept in a beautiful landscaping layout, you not only give yourself a wonderful place to work in but also invite praise and acclamation from your patrons, not to mention become more eco-friendly.

But above and beyond branding via your physical aesthetics is your business processes. When you engage in smart technology, one of the most significant impacts it will have is your ability to handle your customer service. Ultimately, this will affect your bottom line significantly.hre

A good example here is the use of chatbots. When you have a service that caters to your customers 24/7, your business is nonstop. Think of how much this can help your clientele. Not only can the chatbot process orders, but more importantly, it can also provide the support your business needs to bring about stunning customer service.

And chatbots are well in line with what’s happening in the future. Statistics show the number of people using social media is getting smaller compared to people using messaging apps.

business meeting

Better Efficiency

Second of all, you improve your productivity when you engage in smart technology. The top of this list is communication. When there’s improved communication, your team’s ability to produce quality work also rises.

For instance, while email technology can help you effectively manage your communication, it is not effective in online communication. A slew of smart communication technologies can help you move your team forward. We’re talking about collaboration tools that foster:

  • Screen sharing
  • Shared calendars
  • online whiteboards
  • Real-time document editing tools

But that’s not all. Another front that has been dramatically helped is instant messaging. When you have real-time communications, your team’s ability to deliver the productivity that your customer needs heighten. Some great examples of such technologies include:

  • Instant Message Platforms (e.g., Google Hang Outs)
  • Video software and web conferencing (e.g., Zoom)
  • Intranet (e.g., Facebook Workplace)

Better Workplace

You’d be surprised at how much smart technology can help you achieve your goals. To understand better, know that the idea of smart technology is closely integrated with the IoT infrastructure or Internet of Things. When smart devices connect, they form an ‘ecosystem’ of sorts. They can achieve more incredible things. Think of the smart TV that a smartphone can remotely control.

And the possibilities are boundless. Ultimately, the idea that spawned the smart home we so desire today has bred the idea of a smart city, something that would truly transform our daily lives. When it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, a smart city would be an excellent solution for everyone.

This is also where your workplace can benefit the most. Organization buildings are slowly adapting the smart technology in place. This is using ML, AI, and also wireless beacon tech. If that has you thinking, think of IoT sensors that can sense the temperature of a room and adjust it to a better one given the number of people inside. Now, that’s what we can call smart branding.

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