Pre-Production Guidelines To Produce Quality Video Content

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People nowadays have been reliant on the Internet, and one of the most used forms of media consumption are through videos. Some people even get their information directly from videos.

Creating videos are so popular and trendy that you could even now get profit from it. Some are even so successful that it becomes their primary source of income and line of work. But despite its effectiveness, video content is still not among the go-to promotional material.

It might seem odd at first, but eventually, it is understandable. After all, producing videos do not only involve a lot of stress and effort, but it also means spending a good amount of money. From getting production fixers and a whole team involved from conceptualising a story to ultimately marketing, it would definitely cost a lot – both of money and effort.

However, when a video becomes successful, then all the money, stress, and effort poured in into creating it would be all worth it – and it would all be determined through pre-production. Here are helpful tips to consider in pre-production to creating quality video content:

Define Your Target Audience

The key to creating any type of content is first to figure out your audience. After all, the message that you would be creating would be directed to this specific demographic.  However, defining the audience is indeed a complex process since you cannot simply categorise your audience into groups.

You would need to conduct research first into what type of content is consumed by certain age groups universally, and then go back from there until there is a specific group.

Keep Your Message Short and Direct

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Even though people have been constantly viewing videos in their daily lives, there’s still no guarantee that they would be watching them from start to finish. After all, there are several other videos out there that could easily snatch the audience’s attention away.

So, make sure that you craft a message that is simple and short yet direct and informative. The ideal duration of a video is between 6-8 seconds to maximise full engagement since anything longer than that could already distract your audience away.

This is good news for the scriptwriters. However, it would be challenging to make sure that no important information is left out despite the short duration.

Be Raw, Interesting and Genuine

Nothing gets more love and attention than a message that is natural. This is one of the most critical rules in conceptualising any video content. You can make your video interesting by having a strong opening that could get your audience immediately hooked and intrigued.

But it should not be too flashy to the point that it may feel forced. While there is no specific or direct formula into creating something ‘genuine’ and ‘natural’, it is always important to stay true to your brand and what you represent, and everything should flow from there.

It is also recommended that you be more personal with your message to your audience to gain their trust.

Effective, and quality video content ultimately boils down to strategies in pre-production, and the overall conceptualisation of the structure of what is meant to be placed in the video, and from there, the execution should follow through smoothly.

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