Landscaping in Spring City: How to Save the Environment

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Waukesha, Wisconsin was once known for its beautiful and incomparable natural water springs, for which it was called the “Spring City.” It used to have countless bath spas in the previous centuries. However, what was once known for its pristine clarity is now tainted by pollution. The formerly glory of the city’s natural springs is sadly challenging to redeem since samples from aquifers show that the radium levels that are found in the water surpass federal standards. It is a challenge to be environmental-friendly, but it is a must. How does commercial landscaping play into restoring clarity and tranquility in places like Waukesha?

Given today’s demands, we exert a lot of energy in many things and activities. So much power is used every day, electrical and otherwise, depleting our natural resources and harming the environment in severe but unnoticeable ways. In other words, our little, everyday actions have a massive impact. Commercial landscaping can help us conserve energy. For example, in days when the temperature is suitable, outdoor plants can make the wind cooler to the point where you can turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. Natural ventilation can also help save a bit of energy used by ceiling lights, thus saving electricity.

Small Ecosystems

lawn in front of houseInstead of wasting water on fountains, which can be costly, unnecessary, and even tacky, small ponds create a tiny ecosystem where koi fish can swim freely and an assortment of plants can thrive. Such a sight is also relaxing, causing stress levels to plummet as workers can unwind by watching them. Flower beds and small gardens are encouraged, too.

Natural Decorations

Keeping it rustic gives you a better appreciation of the natural. Yes, recycled wood decorations, potted plants, vines, trimmed hedges, and stones can provide a simple, yet sightly look that provides comfort and beauty at the same time. For offices, you can also keep it simple by adding no-nonsense green plants and succulents. There are several possibilities to consider, several designs to choose from, several ways to get creative.


Wide, beautiful, and sightly sidewalks encourage people to walk or use bikes instead of wasting gasoline and polluting the Earth with cars. Cars, though proven to be convenient and are even used as status symbols, are slowly killing the planet. Subtly encourage people to get fit, to clear their minds and bodies, and to help their environment by getting them to their feet on lovely sidewalks and walkways accented by rocks, sculptures, plants, and other natural, low-cost decorations. Also, find a way to provide shades (trees are recommended!), benches, and drinking fountains.

While a lot has to be done, recent events showed that there is some hope for Waukesha. The city made history in 2018 by becoming the first city out of the Great Lakes Basin to be allowed to draw drinking water from Lake Michigan. Little by little, we can work towards a greener Wakeusha with clearer water and thriving natural resources. It can happen again, with the return of the springs.

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