In Between the Pages of a Good Book Lies Your Life Purpose


Books are a great resource for everything that you want to learn. Be it for practical things like learning how to fix appliances or for your existential questions. If you are having a hard time figuring out your next step in life, you can always seek guidance from the pages of a good book.

You are reading this because you are an adult struggling to make big life decisions. You might be wondering if getting into law school is the right decision or if you are better off starting a business. Before you doubt yourself any further, you might want to give these books a chance to help you.

Find Your Why by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek only has one question for you: why? If you want to wake up in the morning inspired to do what you are doing right now, you have to ask why. This will help you figure out if what you are doing right now is actually aligned with your purpose. So… why do you go to law school? Why should you start a business?

“Why” is just one part of the Golden Circle. This is the concept that shows the secret of how individuals and organizations succeed. The other two are the how and the what.

According to Sinek, if what you are doing right now fulfills you but is not aligned with your purpose, the mismatch will eventually show. If your why is not aligned with your what, you will soon find yourself stressed, unproductive, and less passionate about it. Does that sound familiar?

No matter what happens, you will find your why. This book will give you the formula. Once you find your why and it’s not aligned with what you are doing, you don’t have to drop everything. You can still find ways to live your why without immediately jumping ships.

You can already be doing business when you realize that what you really want to do is help people become effective leaders through proper executive communication coaching. You can slowly work your way towards that purpose without sacrificing your present life.

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Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor E. Frankl

While you probably just heard of the holocaust from history books, Frankl saw its evils with his own eyes. He was one of the victims of this dark era. He lived in concentration camps for three years.

When he was liberated, he returned to Vienna. There, he spent his life sharing with people what he learned from his tragic experience. According to Frankl, even if all that has happened to you so far is just pure suffering, you must find meaning in your life.

This book is a compilation of all his teachings about finding your life’s meaning. The book is divided into three main points.

The first point he makes in the book is that there are times when surrendering to death is the only way to survive. That’s a pretty dark opening and probably not what you are not expecting to find in a self-help book. But really, the point he wants to make is that your present will not improve by focusing too much on the future.

His second point is that everybody’s life has a meaning, but it’s totally up to you to find yours. Living with a little fear as possible will help you find that meaning. Find out the rest of his explanations in the book.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

If you find it too pretentious for you to seek guidance from non-fiction self-help books, take the fiction route. This one by Paulo Coelho will help you understand life through the lens of fiction.

This book follows a shepherd boy through his travels all around the world. In between the pages, you will revel in the knowledge that sometimes, it’s only after you complete your journey that you will realize the real treasure has been within you all along.

The book is relatable. It highlights the detrimental effects of social pressure. It can be clear to you that you want to change or achieve something. Still, the words of other people will hinder you from pursuing your dreams.

May this book help you understand the importance of living your life according to what your heart desires and nothing else. Who knows, in the process, you may just inspire other people to do the same just like the shepherd boy.

Trying to understand yourself is one of the most difficult things to do in life. And yet, here you are, taking a step towards that. Hopefully soon, you will find answers to your own questions.

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