Enhancing Your Brand Image Using Various Types of Stickers

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As a business owner looking to enhance your brand image, you should consider using stickers as a marketing tool. When diligently used, stickers can give you a return on investment since they can be integrated with different types of offline branding campaigns and advertising materials such as brochures, bags, and even caps. Other than being cost-friendly, stickers are also versatile, and their massage can last a lifetime.

With a wide range of stickers on the market, it is prudent to do your due diligence during the selection process to make an informed choice. Highlighted below is a summary of how the different types of stickers can give you an edge over your competitors.

Die-cut Stickers

If you want to transform a plain sticker into an exciting and memorable branding idea that can be proudly displayed on various products, die-cut stickers are the ideal option. This type of sticker stands out from the rest due to its shape. Die-cut stickers allow for more creativity since they can be customized. They also exhibit a high level of professionalism. Printing die-cut stickers require great knowledge and expertise, hence the need to seek the services of a sticker printing company in New Zealand for quality ones.

Roll Stickers


These are an excellent way of getting your print marketing on a roll. This type of sticker, just as the name suggests, can be rolled into various shapes such as circular, rectangular, square, and oval, depending on one’s preferences. Roll stickers are quite cost-effective since they can be ordered in large quantities without straining your finances. Since they come in a wide range of materials, they can be customized to perform various purposes. For all your packaging or decorative needs, you will find a sticker roll material that serves that special purpose.

Sheet Stickers

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way of getting your stickers printed in various shapes and on a single sheet, you should opt for sheet stickers. With this type of sticker, you could enjoy having multiple sticker options and personalized sticker sets and also save money. Depending on the size of the sticker sheet, you can come up with various designs of the stickers. Sheet stickers are popularly known to be used in making gifts and address labels, as well as envelop sealers.

Bumper Stickers

These stickers can be effective if you want to convey a message to a large number of people. The main goal for advertising using bumper stickers is to get your fans and customers to promote your brand on your behalf. What makes bumper stickers more popular is the fact that they are cheap to produce in bulk. They help reinforce brand identity, and their distribution is quite easy and exciting. They are made of waterproof vinyl, thereby making them more durable than their counterparts.

Stickers are undoubtedly an essential promotional tool for both marketers and product manufacturers. For this reason, it is advisable to be more conscious in choosing the right types of stickers to ensure that they meet the intended branding purpose. You should not hesitate to consult professionals if you are having difficulty identifying stickers that will best suit your business’ marketing needs.

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