Helping Your Team Bounce Back After COVID-19 Stress

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When the pandemic began in 2019, the economy was highly affected. In most cases, it closed so many career opportunities, and sadly, it affected the mental health of many individuals. As lockdowns and quarantine periods started, a lot of employees were forced to work remotely. Many businesses weren’t able to adapt to the rapid changes, which caused them to shut down.

Over a year later, our lives seemed to return to normal. But due to the changes that had happened, many employees have changed their perspectives on how workweeks should be.

Because of this, organizations need to adapt to the changes and demands of employees to help them bounce back and fight stress. Here’s how you can help your team overcome work stress and mental health breakdown related to COVID-19.

Offer Flexible Schedules

The pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons, including the importance of our time. We transitioned to virtual life, giving us the chance to maximize our time and spend it on other things. What’s great about working remotely is that it encourages people to embrace work-life balance and flexible schedules.

Employees appreciate the opportunity of managing their schedules. After all, they know when’s the best time to work and when they are most productive. Give them the chance to be flexible so that they can show their true potential.

Focus on Their Health and Safety

Prioritizing your team and employees’ health is a great way to show how valuable they are in the company. Instead of forcing them to go back to the office and work regularly, it would be best to let them decide when they can come. It would also be wiser to consider your office as a venue to build a community that respects individuality rather than a workspace.

Organize Fun Activities

Employees need some time to distress and relax as well. While allowing them to have a flexible work schedule may be helpful, you can go the extra mile and organize fun activities for everyone. You can invite your team for a coffee party or fabulous dinner.

But if you want them to have a memorable time, you can ask if they would like to go on amazing trips. Some of your many choices include going to the beach, hiking, or enjoying a scenic drive with Zion Park Tours. These activities will allow your teammates to have a great time together without violating safety protocols.

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Communicate Effectively

As mentioned, the pandemic has taken a toll on many people’s mental health. And because of this, their work performance shows a significant decline. The best way to help your team is by listening with empathy. If they are still afraid to get out of the house, send them a text or a message from time to time.

Tell your employees that you understand their situations and are one text away if they need help. You don’t always have to be there physically. Sometimes, showing sympathy is all it takes to support them.

Create Programs for Employee Benefit

As we all know, employees are the soul of the company. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your company. And the best way to show how much you care is by providing programs for their benefit.

For example, make a few changes in the office environment, buy a new coffee machine, and reward them. There are many things that you could do to keep them determined and happy. Providing programs is also a great way to retain employees and promote loyalty.

Let Employees Share Their Stories

At least once a week, organize a meeting that focuses on the development of your employees. We all went through different hardships during the pandemic, so you can use this opportunity to give them the freedom to share their stories.

Let the team members offer advice and words of encouragement. As you can see, this method will help promote teamwork and camaraderie, improving their work performance.

Keep Everyone Informed

If there are any changes to work requirements, schedules, or anything related to the office, update your team immediately. Send emails, text messages, or call them to ensure that they know the current updates.

Eat Together

You’ll be surprised to see the benefits of eating lunch together. If possible, encourage your team to eat and share food during lunch breaks. Doing so will give them the chance to know each other personally and promote a healthy environment in the office.

Follow these tips to help your employees bounce back from the stress caused by the pandemic. Remember that it’s not always about their performance in work but also about how happy they are with the people they work with. The more you try to help your employees overcome COVID-19 stress, the sooner they’ll bounce back to perform better at work.

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